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From recycle a brand new idea: a technically advanced machine with a small ecological footprint, very small, like a coffee bean.

Verde, new recycle idea.

  • The cover panels made with a special material obtained by recycling coffee grounds and adding a specific type of 100% natural resin.
  • RS System allows the maximum heat stability (+-0,2°C);
  • 40% less energy consumption in stand-by and 30% during use with the Energy Saving System;
  • SMARTouch multifunctional display;
  • Steam knobs and filter-holder handles made of a material derived from recycled wooden pallets with 100% natural resin.

Green and eco-friendly.

The unique features and strength of this innovative espresso machine lie in the materials used for its construction. The cover panels, which enclose all its fine details, are made with a special material obtained by recycling coffee grounds and adding only a specific type of 100% natural resin. From this combination, a machine was developed, which is not only eco-friendly but also features the usual quality and durability typical of our brand. We also offer sustainable and unique details: the steam knobs and filter-holder handles are made of a material derived from recycled wooden pallets with resin.


Eco-friendly technology.

With its green look and eco-friendly nature, it is a true Sanremo coffee machine: in fact, Verde is equipped with advanced technology and the best features available. The RS (Realtime Stability) system, which allows the temperature of water dispensing and the temperature of each unit to be adjusted separately, according to the blend or origin of the coffee used, makes this machine even more special. It also has an electronic pre-infusion system, which allows the wettability time of the coffee panel to be programmed easily. The control unit (CPU) manages 3 different levels of thermal reading, ensuring the highest levels of thermal stability with a variation of ±0.2 °C and full steam power.


100% Green.

Green Living beyond borders also means being able to benefit from an Energy Saving System that allows for 40% energy savings in stand-by and 30% energy savings during use compared to traditional espresso machines, achieved by studying new construction techniques, increasingly well performing insulation materials and an advanced integrated software. Verde is not only eco-friendly but also user-friendly, since, thanks to a multi-function SMARTouch screen, the user can interact directly with the main functions of the Barista menu in a simple and intuitive way.